What we do


for Sleep Diagnosis and Clinical Neurophysiology

We believe that innovation and cost-effective production of medical devices (both single-use and reusable) are crucial. Those are factors that can help all health institutions around the world to make reliable diagnosis with less error rates. Our corporate philosophy is based on analyzing customer’s feedback towards development of innovative products for more effectivity in practice. Our main focus lies in the single-use medical devices for the diagnosis of sleep and neurological disorders.

The main source of our innovation is the constant feedback from our customers, i.e., clinics, hospitals and medical practices. That feedback helps us to react with speed to the market’s needs and develop new solutions for diagnostic purposes. We really appreciate this great collaboration and are proud of our customers. Their input enables us to develop new innovative medical disposables to ease diagnostic procedures. We as CNSAC are constantly trying to improve our products to always provide effective and reliable diagnosis.

CNSAC® production line for adhesive conductive EEG pastes